Course Initiation Into Spiritism | Lesson 2: God | Creation. The universe is a harmonious system that operates under stable laws. God is the supreme Intelligence who designed the universe and who is the cause of all things. Even though we are far from being able to understand God, we can observe nature and discern God’s attributes. Along the same lines, we are far from understanding creation. However, Spiritism helps us bridge the gap between, science and religion. Therefore, it reveals to us that everything evolves both physically and spiritually. There is comfort in knowing that we are all going to reach perfection sooner or later.

Lesson Facilitator: Glaucio Pessoa*

Recommended Reading: Initiation into Spiritism, chapters 2 and 3 * Glaucio Pessoa has been active in the Spiritist Movement for over 37 years. He currently serves as Vice-President of the Christian Spiritist Community of Atlanta. He has a special interest in Spiritist activities revolving around media, English translation, and music. Glaucio holds a Master’s Degree in both Business Administration and Electrical Engineering and currently works in Data Protection and Compliance.

This course is provided by the United States Spiritist Federation. For more information and other resources visit

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